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Keystone Church exists to reach and serve the city, to bring hope and healing across the street and around the world.  Our vision is to do more than just exist in the city, but rather to change the city with the love of Jesus.  Our hope is that all of Greensburg and the surrounding area is given a place of community, hope, healing, and growing.  

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As we study the Bible each week in our services, we know that there will be times when people miss a Sunday.  We also understand that many times people want to go back and spend more time thinking through the teachings from the past week.  That's why we strive to offer each sermon available for stream or download on our app and this website.  So go ahead and check out Sunday's message!

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Keystone's Easy To Grow System...

At Keystone Church, we believe in the ultimate authority of the Bible over tradition, leadership, and structure.  Therefore, our goal is not to just tell you what the Bible says, but to help you see it for yourself.  Each of the three areas of our core encourages learning the Bible by teaching, studying alone, and studying with other people.