Keystone Kids

At Keystone Kids, your child will have an age appropriate lesson that is centered on the teachings of the Bible.  We believe that your child can best build a foundation for life as they explore the stories and teaching of the Bible on a level that they can relate to.
We believe that Keystone Kids is a part of the process of teaching your child, not the entirety of it.  That is why each week we equip families with devotions that follow the lesson your child studied on Sunday. We do not want to take over your child’s spiritual journey, but rather join you in the process
Safety is important to you and it is to us as well.  That is why we take have taken every precaution possible to ensure your child’s safety.  We have an elaborate check in and check out process and every worker has been required to undergo a federal background check.  We have many other safety elements in place as well.

Sunday Mornings


Why not plan to join us this Sunday?  We want to come along beside you as the parent and help to bring about a Biblical perspective to help your child navigate through this world.

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