Prayer and Conversation Instructions

In an attempt to expand our abilities to be a community while social distancing, we have decided to test our Prayer and Conversation time on Zoom.  I know that many of you have grown used to YouTube, and I appreciate the stretching into the technological world that some of you have faced.  Here are instructions on how to join in tonight (April 9th, 2020) for this conversation and prayer time.

Please Note:  We are aware of the conversation around Zoom and it's apparent security flaws.  Zoom has officially addressed the "Zoombombing" phenomenon and solved this issue.  However, we have also still changed the settings that allowed this to happen.  The room will be password protected and there will be a "waiting room".  We also have someone that we have consulted that works for a major technology company in the collaboration field and understands these things, that has reviewed the security concerns and does not think they should change our approach.  However, if you still have concerns, please know that we do not think less of you for not joining us!  Just know that we have taken this seriously.  

1. At the bottom of this blog will be the information on how to get in the room.  IN ORDER TO GET THE PASSWORD, YOU WILL NEED TO CALL, TEXT, OR EMAIL ME before the meeting.  You can share this blog with everyone you want, but please do not share the password.  You can give my information to everyone that wants to join us and they can contact me for the password.  

2.  Before the meeting:
   a. If you are joining via your phone-  Download the app.  Go to your store and search for Zoom.  It is simple.  If you have it already, they just released a new update today that has some extra security boosts, go ahead and update it.  Create an account.  Choose to join a meeting.  Enter the meeting ID below.  Enter the password that you already TEXTED, EMAILED, or CALLED ME FOR.  Choose whether or not you will be using video and audio or just audio.  Either is fine.  

   b. (recommended method)  from a laptop or computer with a webcam.  Click the link below and you will be prompted through the easy steps.  

  c. Can I Zoom on my Smart Tv?  Yes.  Sort of.  Maybe? There are methods but they involve some creativity and planning.  I recommend if you want to attempt this, researching it well in advance.  Try this link for info:

3. During the meeting.
  a.  Wear clothes, don't go to the bathroom.  I know...but I am saying it anyway.  This app uses, if you choose, video and people will be able to see you.  Hide embarrassing things.  Know I will not list what I mean.  

  b.  Mute your audio when you are not talking.  We will have quite a few people on and with background noise, kids, etc, we want to minimize the confusion.  So mute your audio unless you are talking.  

  c. Come prepared to share your prayer requests, don't just spitball.  This will help minimize the confusion.  

d.  Be patient.  We will have all sorts of technological experiences represented.  Know that there will be hiccups and mess ups, especially this first attempt.  

  e. Invite people to join us.  We want to reach as many people as possible as always.  Our YouTube prayer streams have been watched by over 90 devices each week!  That is more than attend Keystone.  So people are interested.  Again...don't share the password, share my information so they can get the password.  But do invite people.

Meeting Information:

Topic: Keystone Church Prayer and Conversation
Time: Apr 9, 2020 06:45 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 812 776 905
Password: (Call, text, or email Pastor Nate!!  724-261-7832

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