Extreme Makeover: Bible Edition

Day 1

Read 2 Samuel 7:1-17

Let’s think about gratitude that compels us to worship.  David talked about that idea in many of the Psalms he wrote.  I guess it makes sense…you would have to have a perspective of gratitude to endure all that he endured in life and still stay focused on God’s word and God’s ways.  At the same time, we can’t land in the place of saying that gratitude in worship only comes at the end of the fulfillment of all things promised.  In other words, David was not just grateful because he was now on the throne, living the dream.  His gratitude preceded that as well.

What do you think of David’s desire to build a house for the ark of God?  Have you ever been overwhelmed with gratitude that makes you want to express worship (not just singing and praying) in a big way?

What do you have to be thankful today?

How can this gratitude be an act of worship in your life today?

How does this become your prayer right now?

Why not go on the app and share five things that you are thankful for but have never thanked God for?

Day 2

Read 2 Samuel 7:18-29

Let’s spend some more time talking about the worship of gratitude.  David has accomplished a lot.  He has been pretty faithful and endured quite a bit.  He has been patient and he has trusted God.  He surely has a lot to brag about.  But his prayer is different from bragging.  Pay attention to what he says.  Who does it all and what is the point of it all?

How can this passage direct your thoughts about where you are in life and what you have accomplished?

What parts of this prayer could you fit into your story or fit in your life as well?

Verse 18 is an important view of David…he went in and sat before the Lord.  When is the last time you have genuinely done this?  Not just in passing or when you have a free minute, but actually taking the time and effort to go before the Lord and just sit.  Then when you sit, you just start to know (Verse 21).  

How should this idea inform your actions today

Day 3

Read John 14:1-14

The image of God Himself preparing a place for us is humbling.  We prepare paces for God and make room in our lives for Him to be where we are, because that seems like it is how it should be.  We are going, God might as well go along.  But the story of the Bible is told from a different perspective.  The King of Kings is coming to us and is preparing a place for us, so that we can be with Him.  Doesn’t it seem more obvious that He should have a space to be with us that is made for Him?  But His way of telling the story is that He is preparing for us and that His desire is for us to be with Him.

Do you struggle with the thought that God wants you to be with Him?

How is this an important message for those around you to hear?

How could you share this idea with someone today?

After spending some time thinking about all of this, how does this fit into your prayer for today?

Day 4

Read John 14:15-31

Yesterday, we looked at the idea of God preparing a palace for us, which is a great thought.  But the reality is we live in the right now and experience things right now.  The Holy Spirit is promised to us in this life and is the best version of God’s presence that we get right now.  He moves in our lives, teaches us the way of God, and convicts us of sin, while guiding our hearts in our relationship with God.  The ark of God represented the presence of God with Israel, Jesus was God with us, but this is God in us all.  

How is the Holy Spirit working in your life right now?

How have you learned to listen to and follow the Holy Spirit?  

Verse 18 is a neat verse that really packs a lot of emotions.  Why is this important for you right now?

Why not share some thoughts on the app with everyone about verse 18?

Day 5

Read 2 Samuel 9

We have already spent some time talking about this story, but that was before the break in this series of sermons.  So let’s go back to this idea and do it again.  David is looking for someone in Johnathan’s lineage to be able to bless.  He finds the man that has been crippled, called Mephibosheth.  David shows him compassion and love in a really big way.

Why does this story matter in David’s life, according to your opinion?

What does it teach you about gratitude and giving?

How can you live out the idea that is taught here?

How can you pray for those around you right now while looking for a way to display this kind of compassion>

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Connie - February 14th, 2023 at 9:14am

Never thanked God for?...that's a challenge...my ancestry including my aunt's and uncles I knew as a child...my passion for experimenting with different cultures and food .my high school experience...boundary lines....Christian leaders that taught me as a child





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