Seasons Of Too Much

Day 1

Read 1 Samuel 19

What do you think about Saul’s dramatic shifts in his feelings toward David?  Why do they seem to be happening (other than just “an evil spirit from the Lord”)?  

What is your take on how the events at Ramah went down?  How do you imagine it looking?  Why do you think that?

If you were David, would you be comfortable in this approach of just worshipping in the midst of the chaos or would you be more inclined to action?

How do you turn this into a prayer for today?

Day 2

Read Psalm 59

How have you noticed God’s strength lately?

How has God been a fortress in your life lately?

How has God been a shield in your life?

What does it look like for God to be a refuge to you?

How can you turn these four ideas into a prayer?

Day 3

Read Psalm 96

One of the struggles with modern (and old) hymns and worship songs is the excessive focus on the individual and not on who God is, which is the heart of what real worship is.  

What are the things that you notice the Psalmists brings out about God in this Psalm?  What are His attributes and qualities as listed here?

If you were writing a Psalm, not about you and your circumstances, what would be the attributes or qualities of God that you would bring up in this season of your life?

How can you turn that praise into a prayer to God today?

Why not list some of your ideas on the messaging thread on our app for others to see and respond to?

Day 4

Read Psalm 18

David wrote this Psalm.  If you read slowly through the first 20 verses or so, you get an incredibly dramatic picture.  Notice that this dramatic rescue and drama is imagined in David’s mind as something that is happening for him.  Can you imagine a response like this by God on your behalf?  How do you struggle with that?

When is a time that you see this sort of attention and passion from God toward you or a situation you were in?

Try imagining an answered prayer from your past with this sort of drama and attention from God.  I know this can be difficult, but remember that Jesus' death on the cross for your sins was far more dramatic than this!

How can you take these thoughts into prayer today?

Day 5

Read Psalm 59 (again…that is how they were written, to be read over and over again!)

How do you feel attacked by the enemy today?

How do you plan to respond to those attacks in light of meditating on these verses this week?

Why not go on the app and share some of those thoughts with the other people on there?

How can this be your prayer into the weekend?

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