Sit and Spend Time With The Bible

Day 1

Read Psalm 119:1-16

Psalm 119 is a really long read all at once!  Let’s take the week to make smaller bites out of it, but don’t sacrifice the time you should spend really thinking about it.  I don’t want you to fly through the reading just to mark it as done, but rather to spend some time thinking through it with a clear mind.  You will see words like “statutes, precepts, commandments, laws, and testimonies” used to refer to different types of things found in the Bible.  It may be confusing to try and understand what it specifically means.  I recommend reading it in more than one version to get a better understanding.   Don’t get discouraged if you don’t grasp it all.  

The word “blessed” in the Bible can be also read as “happy” although that doesn’t do it the full justice.  When you read the first few verses, what does it make you think?

What do you think verse 9 is trying to say?

What is the difference between seeking God with a “whole heart” and seeking Him any other way?

When you read verse 15, what specifically do you understand it to be saying?  What does it look like to walk out this verse?

Share some of these thoughts on the app.

Day 2

Read Psalm 119:17-32

As you read some of the perspectives in this Psalm, I don’t think it is going to instantly resonate with you.  Remember, the goal is to sit with it a while and spin it around in your mind.  Sometimes you will be reading and see parts that are exactly what you would express, while other times you will read a verse and see a way you would like to be.  Or it may even make you think of someone else.

Is there an image in these verses that sticks out to you or really seems to hit home for you?

Look at verse 17 and think about what this actually means.  If you were going to explain that thought to someone that was new in following Jesus, what would you tell them?

How do you turn a part of this passage into a prayer for your day today?

Day 3

Read Psalm 119:33-48

The Psalmist does something really neat in this passage.  Notice the progression of what the word of God does in his life:
teach me, 
give me understanding, 
lead me with it, 
incline my heart towards it, 
turn my eyes from other things, 
confirm it to me, 
and turn away the reproach…

Take time today to explain what each one of these things look like in your life.  In other words, how can God teach you His word? (and so on…)

Day 4

Read Psalm 119:49-64

This Psalm just has so much in it.  We will not get through it this week, but maybe take the lead to read ahead and keep coming back to it.  Remember, the goal of the sermon was to encourage us all to take that next step in reading God’s word.  

When you read 54-56, how would you explain these verses to someone?  It may be strange to imagine the imagery captured here, but spend time really thinking about it.
You have probably heard people talk about the Lord being their “portion” like the Psalmists does here.  But what do you think that means?  How has the Lord been your portion this past week?  

How have you lived out verse 59 recently?

Why not take some time to share some of these thoughts, from any of this devotion, on the app?

Day 5

Read Psalm 119:97-112

Did you notice we jumped pretty far in the Psalm?  I wanted to make sure that we got this part, it's my most favorite. It is about the actions of being a person that really loves the word of God.  

Let’s try something that may not land as easy for some people.  Read verse 103 and think about a part of the Bible that would be “sweet” to you right now.  Why did you pick that?

How is the Bible a lamp to your feet (revealing each step of the way) and a light to your path (think a headlight that lights the road ahead of you)?

In verse 108, the Psalmist writes about a “freewill offering of praise.”  What is that?  And how can you make this part of your prayer today?

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