Season Of Preparation

Day 1

Read 1 Samuel 16

How do you think the way that David's dad and (maybe) rest of the family thought about him effected him?

How have you experienced similar struggles in your family, work place, or even in school?

How has this impacted your life and views today?

How can you make this something to pray through this week?

Day 2

Read Genesis 37 and 39

God prepared David but we have many examples in the Bible of God preparing people for His service.

How would Joseph have felt in the bottom of the well?  What was he thinking about his visions at this point?

When he was thrown into prison for doing the right thing did Joseph have flashbacks to the well?

What does this show us about God's timing vs. our timing?  

Go to the app and navigate to the messaging section.  Look for the "5 Day Study Discussion" group.  Why not leave something to share with others about this topic that may encourage or help them?

Day 3

Read Exodus 2

When God prepares people, he plays the long game rather than look for immediate results.

What did Moses learn, and how did God prepare him, over 40 years while growing up in the palace?

What was significant about Moses’ spending 40 years tending sheep in the wilderness?

How does patience play into Moses’ life and what does this teach you about your own journey?

How can you pray about this in your life today?

Day 4

Read Acts 26:1-23

We know Paul was formerly Saul, but his transformation is far more extensive.  Paul went from a hostile enemy to a devout follower of Jesus.  

Why would God use Paul, and enemy of the church, to reach the Gentiles rather than one of the apostles?

Was Paul’s upbringing and training as a Pharisee a waste of time?

What perspective does Paul’s conversion give you about your own life?

How can you turn that into a prayer for the lost around you this week?

Day 5

Read 1 Samuel 16 again.

I know it seems like you have read it many times, but do it again!  The Bible is written in a way that great benefit comes when we return to the same thing over and over again.  

Now, take some time and go on the Keystone app, under messaging, and in the Five Day Study group, share two things that God has been showing you or reminding you this week from our study of David.  

We are looking to build community in our study as well as in our lives.  So this is a great time to share with others what God is showing you, but also a great time for you to see what others are being shown as well.  

Thanks for taking the time to do this!   I think it will be beneficial.  
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