Sermon Sentence: Jesus was broken on our behalf so that all broken people can experience a full life at the table together

Day 1

**Written by Jenna Altom**

Read Matthew 26:17-29 and John 13:21-26
Jesus lived a life of example and doesn’t ask us to do anything that He hasn’t done. Jesus looked His betrayer in the eye, knowing what was already in Judas’ heart and He continued doing what He has asked us to do, in humility and mercy. He blessed, then He broke, and then He gave to Judas just moments before Judas betrayed him to a violent mob. His sacrifice would even cover the sin of Judas’ betrayal that ultimately led to Jesus’ crucifixion because He took on the brokenness of us all!.

What brokenness do you feel is unforgivable and unredeemable in your life?

How can you use your brokenness to teach the people around you about God’s redeeming grace?

Has anyone in your life ministered to you in your brokenness and wrestling?

Day 2

Read Luke 22:14-30

I like to follow Luke’s train of thought more than the other gospels here.  It just seems like he is trying really hard to get a point across that is important, in light of this story.  The story of the disciples arguing about who is the greatest among them, is a great segue from the story of Jesus serving them.  The Passover meal has such a huge lens for us to view life through, that it seems that even after we hear the lesson, much like the disciples, we instantly start asking the awkward questions in the silence.

How do you think the disciples even got to this discussion after a lesson like that?

How have you struggled with the same heart the disciples struggled with after Jesus served the Passover meal?

What can you learn from this story?

How does this make it into your prayers today?

Day 3

Read James 4:1-10
James can’t seem to make a light point, can he?  It has to hit home and sting on its way there!  This is really worth sitting and thinking about.  From the biggest of the world wars, to the smallest of the neighbor feuds, James seems to have human nature figured out and pegged.  He even ends it talking about how we turn those very ideas against each other with our attitudes.  I really don’t have a whole lot to add here, so let’s just sit and let these ideas marinate with some questions.

Where have you seen James' ideas lived out around you lately?

Where have you seen these ideas show up in your life last week?

How can you share this with someone to help them grow closer to God?

Why not share some thoughts on the messaging app to help everyone else in their thinking through these ideas?

Day 4

**Written By Jenna Altom**

Read Isaiah 53

To me, Isaiah 53 is one of the most humbling Scriptures in the entire Bible. I have heard the story of Christ’s redemption over and over again. It’s beautiful everytime, but so often, when we hear something so many times, it loses its initial shock. I don’t take the time to digest the severity of His suffering every single time I talk about it. I think I’m safe in saying I’m not alone in that. Even most unbelievers in the United States can tell you that Jesus is known for proclaiming to be the Messiah and that He died on a cross. In society’s mind, that’s kind of just what Jesus does. It’s familiar. However, the language used in Isaiah 53 is so vivid and paints the picture of a broken, beaten Savior. He was broken, not because He had done something wrong, but because that was the only way to save us from sin’s curse. 

The Scripture reading is only 12 verses. Allow yourself a moment to go back over it and, as you read, take every line, every picture painted of the Son of Suffering and compare that picture to the picture you have of Jesus as He created the Heavens and the Earth. Compare it to the King of kings as He is worshiped by the multitudes in Heaven. That Creator and King was broken and made low so that we can be whole.

If you have any thoughts about this Scripture and what it means to you, please feel free to share on the app. This is some of my favorite Scripture and I would love to read how it impacts your heart.

Consider where you might be right now without His sacrifice. Instead of followup questions, I would ask you to take a moment to allow the picture that Isaiah 53 paints to really sink into your heart and mind for a few moments. Then, praise Jesus for His brokenness!

Day 5

Read Ephesians 1:15-23

Paul was a complicated writer when he wanted to be.  His words were spun in rich meaning and seemed to contain a knowledge and understanding of who God was that I envy greatly.  So I love to try and unfold it all in some of these great poems that he wrote like in Ephesians.

What stands out to you in these verses that help you understand God?

How have you seen God’s power “immeasurable in greatness” in your life lately?

What are the “riches of his glorious inheritance” as you have experienced them?

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