Church Structure: Pastors and Deacons

Day 1

Read Ephesians 4:11-16

These verses should drive a lot of what we think and do in a church.  How often we have seen examples of churches, or what started as a church, lost its way because it was not sure of where it was going in the first place.   Every single member of the church has their place in these verses here.  This is why we say just attending a church or just watching the “church show” is not what church is supposed to be about.

How does the view of the role of leadership in the church is for the purpose of equipping the saints for ministry, differ from what you have seen or experienced in your lifetime?

What does this verse teach you about what your role is in the church (whether you are a member, not a member, or feeling called into ministry, etc)?

What is your next step in applying this verse?

How can you make this a prayer today?

Day 2

Read Ezekiel 34

As mentioned in the sermon, it seems fair to take the Old Testament principles of shepherding that are used as metaphors and apply them to the pastor in the church today. 

What do you learn about the role of a pastor from this passage?

What do you learn about the role of a church from this passage?

What do you learn about the view of the mission field the church is trying to reach from this passage?

Why not share some of the thoughts from this day as a way of encouraging the church on the messaging app?

How can you turn this into a prayer?

Day 3

Read 1 Timothy 3:1-13

Let’s talk about the two offices presented in these verses.  Paul set up young Timothy as a pastor of the church here.  In doing this, he is also writing some instructions to help him along in this journey.  The whole book is written in that spirit and is very helpful when read from that perspective. 

What surprises you about the list that is given for these offices?

How have you seen the bad example of this on display?

How have you seen the good examples of these two on display?

What is the difference between a pastor and a deacon?

How is this helpful in the church?

Day 4

 Read 1 Peter 5:1-11

Peter is a leader among the leaders and writes this portion of his letter from that perspective.  He is setting the stage for how churches will function, may be unbeknownst to himself, but for generations to come.  He didn’t get very detailed, but he was pretty specific on what mattered.  Notice how he starts this passage stating how he has experienced the extreme highs and lows of the position that he carries.

How could someone pastor for “shameful gain”?

What would it look like for someone to pastor “under compulsion’?

Considering all of this passage, and the others we have looked at, what do you think a good definition of “overseer” would actually be?

How does this become a prayer for today?

Why not take a moment and share some thoughts from this study on the app with others?

Day 5

Read Acts 6:1-7

Many people have thought this is the first showing of deacons in the Bible.  Remember, “deacon” simply means “serve.”  This passage tells of seven that are chosen to serve, for sure, but never actually uses the title deacon.  That doesn’t mean that is not what you are seeing here, but it does leave some gray area to think through. Nonetheless, the church learns a lesson in this story that is valuable.

What lesson do you learn in this passage?

How are you a part of that in the church?

How does this work into your thoughts of deacons and that position in the church?

Do you see a need that needs organized or fulfilled around you in the church?

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