At The Intersection of Patience and Anger

Day 1

Read 1 Samuel 23

I have heard it said before that integrity is who you are when no one is looking.  It is realized in the small, meaningless things.  It shows itself inside of us when there is not the usual accountability around. In the moments when those people that are hold us accountable are not there, do we become like those that are around us, or do we really believe and live like we say we do. Think about this story from that perspective.  David was who he was.  When he was alone or when he was surrounded by the down and out, he was who he was.  When it wasn’t his job to rescue the those that needed it and clearly would have later turned him in, he was still someone that cared for the least of those.

Do you find yourself struggling with integrity more when you are by yourself, or when you are in a different group of people with less accountability?

Why do you think this is?

What is God revealing to you in this moment that you need to address?  Try to be really honest with yourself and turn this into a prayer today.  Resist the urge to fly through this thought and just read the story to check it off your list.

Day 2

Read 1 Samuel 24

Would it be fair to say that David’s men were trying to mislead him because they wanted to see David get what he deserved (the throne), or that they seemed to just truly not get what God had said right in verse 4?  Or do you see a different take on that?
Are there other places in the Bible that you can think of where the word of God was just barely twisted to say something different than He actually said?

How have you experienced or even been a part of this in your life?

What is an area that you feel you may be twisting or ignoring God’s specific words that need attention?

How can you make this a prayer for today?

Day 3

Read 1 Samuel 25

It is really interesting that David made the choice to spare Saul’s life because it was not his job to lift his hand against God’s annointed, but then totally chooses a different option when faced with the same decision but with someone not as prominent as the king.  It was in this story, in the middle of the highlights of just how great David’s character truly was, that we get a layer of a flaw.  It was just a moment of passion and anger, a quick reaction.  It is amazing to see what decisions and reactions squeeze out of our hearts in those quick, unguarded, unbridled moments when the emotions are allowed to take over.  

How can you relate to what happened in this story?

Who do you have in your life that is like Abigail? That person that comes in and calls you out on what you are doing so that you can rethink your actions.

How can you be like Abigail to someone in your life today?

Why not share some thoughts about this on the app with everyone.  You don’t have to get too personal and you shouldn’t leave any specifics about other people on there, but share how God spoke to you through this story.

Day 4

Read 1 Samuel 26

This story is different from the other time that David spares Saul.  Do you see the subtle difference?  I notice that this time rather than David being urged to be the one to take Saul’s life, now he doesn’t have to be the one.  One of his men will do it for him so that he doesn’t have to carry that around. So to recap, David gets his life back, David gets the credit for the victory, and David doesn’t have to do the deed.  I wonder if these stories in the last few chapters had been in a different order if we would see a different ending to this story?

When you read this story, what do you admire most about David and why do you admire that in him?

What do you think about Saul’s repentant speech at the end of this chapter?

Do you think it would be difficult to not try to and hope Saul is being genuine and return to a version of the way life used to be?

How have you experienced something similar in your life?

What has God shown you in this passage that you can turn into a prayer today?

Day 5

Read 1 Samuel 27

If you have been keeping up with the order of events, surely you are screaming at your Bible right now wondering what in the world David is doing!  He went BACK to Achish in Gath?!  The very place he was arrested and acted like a mad man to get out of?  Now he is friends with this dude and accepting a land from him? 

How do you work through David’s reasoning in this part of the story?  What do you imagine he is thinking (the text tells us some of his thoughts)?

Do you think this is a good move, bad move, or an unwise move and why?

These last few stories have been a strange unfolding in the life of David that doesn’t seem to be covered often when told about his life.  What is it that God has shown you most in these last five chapters and how does it apply to your life?  Please go on the app and share a part of these thoughts with everyone.  It is beneficial to see the conversation as other people are working through these as well.  So take some time and share what God has laid on your heart.

How can you make this a prayer today?
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