God\'s Ways Are The Best Ways

Day 1

Read 1 Samuel 30

This is an interesting story that was included here.  It doesn’t seem to have any real connection points for the overall story the narrator is telling us, but rather is just another story of how David was heroic in his approach, careful about making decisions, but then also, fair in his leadership.  

Whose side would you have been on this day as you returned from the battle?  The side of those that didn’t think that the men left behind got anything, or the side of David who allowed everyone to share the results of the war equally?

What does this teach you about David’s leadership?

Do you see anywhere in our world that this idea could be used as a lesson for good leadership?

What is God showing you personally in this chapter?

Day 2

Read 1 Samuel 31

I know this chapter doesn’t even really mention David, and this series is about David, but this is a key part to this story.  This is the end of the spiral down of the great Saul, who made it all the way to the top and then fell all the way to the bottom.  It truly is a sad story of a wasted life and a missed opportunity.

What do you think the Bible is trying to show you about the way that Saul lived his life?

What can you learn from Saul that really sticks out to you?

How does David’s life contrast with Saul’s life?

How can you make this a prayer today?

Day 3

Read 2 Samuel 1

So begins the next book, but at this transition, there is no more Saul and the story will start to focus more and more on David.  But don’t just rush him to the throne in your mind, there is still quite a transition that is left.  This chapter may surprise you.  If you were to guess how David would react to the news that Saul was dead, surely you wouldn’t have guessed this.

Is there something that you learn about David’s character when you see him genuinely mourning Saul, what was surely his greatest enemy?

We have already seen the integrity of David when he refused to lift his hand against Saul when he had the chance, but what do you make of the exact same integrity being played out to the man that thought he was doing Saul a favor by finishing him off?

If nothing else, we can be certain that David was consistent in his beliefs and integrity.  What does this teach you about how you are living today?

Day 4

Read 2 Samuel 4

These opening chapters to 2 Samuel get awfully bloody and violent.  Its’ hard to follow the story as it unfolds, but in a nutshell, Judah was the only one that acknowledged David as king.  Ishbosheth, Saul’s son, had been declared the king of Israel.  That made sense, he was Saul’s son and therefore “rightful” air to the throne.  Abner, his chief military man, turned against him, then joined David, then ended up dead as well.  It was a turbulent time of chaos that ended in Ishbosheth’s death as well.  In the meantime, David has been waiting for years for the throne that he was anointed to…patiently.

Would you have been able to remain patient and seeking God’s will during all of this waiting?  It was years before David would be crowned king in the place of Saul.

What can you learn from David at this point in the story?

How does this apply to your life today?

Why not take some time to share some thoughts on the messaging app with everyone else reading these chapters as well?

Day 5

Read 2 Samuel 

Finally!  David is in his rightful spot as king of ALL of Israel and Judah.  DId you think we would never get here?  There has not been a lot of applicable parts of the story lately, the narrator seems to mainly just be interested in telling us the story.  So I am glad that you have stuck with it.  It has certainly been action packed.  

What sticks out to you in this chapter?

What do you see that the narrator puts in this chapter and seems to point to the troubles coming on the horizon?

As you reflect on David’s story to this point, what do you need to remind yourself of in considering God’s ways and God’s words?

How do you make this a prayer today?

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