Bad Times, Big God

Day 1

Read Psalm 78:1-16

How you read this Psalm surely comes from the place and stage you are in life.  But I want to make sure that you know it was for you.  Not just the ones that are parents, or that could have kids eventually, but for everyone.  The answer to what we are seeing in the world right now is being prepared in the next generation.  We must do the work of getting the important truths of God’s word out into the next generations, and for all of you older people it doesn’t work to talk down at them and bemoan the hopelessness in all their “idiotic” ways, and for the younger people, we can’t keep wrapping it up in more and more entertainment hoping that we can just hold their attention.  

How do you see the truths being hidden from the next generations in our world?

How can you tell of the “glorious deeds of the Lord…and of the wonders he has done?”

What do you see your role as in this important goal of passing on the word of God to the generations after you?

Why not share a little bit on the messaging app with the others reading these devotions today?

Day 2

Read Psalm 78:17-31 
After the Psalmist talked about how the deeds of the Lord and the wonder of him might have to be remembered and told to the next generation, he began to list what he actually meant.  To do that, he told stories that highlighted truths about God and that would stick in the mind of the people hearing them.  These stories we still have in our Bible and most of them that are recorded here, you have probably read.  But the stories are parables that make a point.  We have our own stories that have taught us the same things and shown us the same things about God.  So take a moment and think through these stories and draw the parallels to how you have seen the same things in your life.

The Israelites ask the question “Can God spread a table in the wilderness?”  Do you remember a time that you asked a question like this?

How have you seen God do incredible gifts of provision in your life, yet you have still asked for more and more?

The stories here talk about God providing “meat” in the wilderness (desert), which was not just food, but far more than they could imagine or expected.  How have you seen God not just provide what you needed, but like “meat in the desert”, over the top, provisions?

How can you make this into your prayers today?

Day 3

Read Psalm 78:32-55

We are back to the stories again today.  Remember that we are spending time thinking through the stories and trying to recall how we have lived the same type of things and learned the same types of lessons in our life.  So, since the reading isn’t too long, really spend time thinking through these questions and applying these ideas.

How can you see reflections in your life and story from the way the Israelites are shown here?

How is God portrayed through all of this?

How have you seen God like that in your life?

How is it helpful to be reminded of that right now?

Day 4

Read Psalm 78:56-72

The new series is called “A Prequel to Seasons” and is supposed to be about how God was getting the David story ready.  So why have we been in this Psalm?  Maybe you are wondering that, but the reason shows up in today’s reading.  All of these stories that are told here are all coming to a point and that point ends in this Psalm talking about David.  The illustration helps us see that the Bible is telling one story by telling many different stories.  Which is why we can read these stories and see them as parables that also help us understand our stories.  That is how God passes down truth and that happens generationally.  

This part seems to be about the rebellion of the people that eventually God says something to the tune of, “Fine…if that is how you want it, have it your way.”  Then he takes his hand off of them and the chaos unfolds.  

When is there a time in your life where you feel that this is what you walked through in your life?  A time when you feel God just let you do what you want to show you how he was trying to care for and provide for you?

What made you decide to turn back to trusting God?

How does this become a prayer in your life today?

Day 5

Read Ephesians 4:1-16

I know that we have had these verses in the devotions before, and maybe even recently. But I think these are so important for the life of the church.  If we do not get the point of why we exist as a church, we will just be wasting time getting together.  We are a family of people growing together, in unity, for the purpose of raising up more ministry people to keep ministering to each other while we are sharing the gospel.  We do that through teaching God’s word and sharing with each other.  If we are not growing like this, we are not doing it right and we need to consider what may be wrong with the church.

How do you see these verses at Keystone in your experience?  If you do not regularly go to Keystone, how have you seen them in followers of Jesus?

What are some ways that you have been able to avoid “deceitful schemes and human cunning” because of your walk with other followers of Jesus?

Why not go on the app and share with the message board what parts of these verses you see at Keystone and what ideas you have for doing these things better?

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