After Gods Heart In Prayer

Day 1

Read Psalm 16
David’s life seems to always be in danger in these stories.  Here he declares that he will seek the Lord.  He knows that others run after other gods, he will not.  He has made up his mind and will not be shaken.

What situations have you found yourself in where it would be easy to seek a different path than going to the Lord? Maybe you spent time talking to several friends until you hear the answer you are looking for, only to find out that God had something better?

What in this Psalms sticks out to you about David?  He was sure and confident in his walk before the Lord even in the hard times. 

How can you turn this into a prayer for today?

Day 2

Read Psalm 18

This was David’s song to the Lord when he was delivered from the hand of all his enemies and from the hand of Saul.  David credits the Lord with a word picture that is amazing. To paint a picture of this would be something mind blowing. 

How has the Lord been your strength, rock, fortress, deliverer, refuge, shield, salvation, and stronghold?

Any of these would be cause for us to boast in the Lord.  David puts them together in this Psalm and paints a great picture for us.  Notice how secure David declares God’s love for him is  in verse 19.

Try writing a prayer like this that sums up your life personally and make it a prayer to God today.  

Day 3

Read Psalm 56 and 57

In Psalm 56, David has been arrested in Gath and in Psalm 57 he is in the cave escaping from Saul.  How do you think all of these events are helping David for when he does become king later on?

David is learning to trust and seek God.  He is learning to pray surely.  How do you think these practices are helping him for what he will face one day?

How do you see these things helping you as you are preparing for what is coming in the future?

Based on what you see in your life, what do you think God has for you in the future?

Day 4

Read Psalm 23

Many of us have memorized this Psalm, maybe to the point of missing all that is there.  After reading this, go to John 10:11-14.  Look at Jesus’ words here and how he describes himself.

How are you allowing the Lord to lead you each day?

How is the Lord your shepherd?

Share on the messaging app what this idea means to you and how you have learned it in life.

Day 5

Read Luke 11:1-13

Of all the things that they could have asked to learn, isn’t it interesting that the disciples asked Jesus to teach them how to pray?  It was after seeing his example.  Jesus must have been an incredible prayer, because just seeing him pray made them want to be like him. When you read these verses, pretend like you are there and hearing all of this for the very first time.

Who do you know in you life that is a great person of prayer?  What has that meant to you personally?

As you are imagining you being there on this day with the other disciples, what sticks out to you in Jesus teaching about prayer?  How would you have expected him to answer the question when they asked him to teach them?

How did you learn to pray?  How can you learn better how to pray?

How do you make this your prayer?

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