Is There Enough?

Day 1

Read Genesis 4

I don’t understand this story.  By that, I mean I don’t really get why all the details are there or what they mean.  So, when I approach this story, I grapple with those ideas I don’t get, but I try to pay attention to what I do get.  The context is the beginning of the Bible.  Like the very, very beginning. The context is also right outside the Garden of Eden.  One gift is “regarded”, and one is not given “regard.”  I don’t know why.  But I do know what it feels like to not get what I expected when I expected it.  

What do you think God means when He says, “If you do not do well, sin is crouching at the door…”?

I see this as God saying He was going to show “regard” for Cain’s gift as well, but Abel got it in that moment.  In other words, it begs the question that fights jealousy, “Do you believe God still has enough to bless you too?” and why does it matter if others are blessed before us?

How have you wrestled with those thoughts in your life?  

How do you see this test coming up in your life right now?

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Day 2

Read Genesis 13

Abram got ripped off.  He was the brains of this outfit and the blessings that they were experiencing were clearly because of him!  That entitled brat of a nephew was mooching off his blessings.  Sure, I am venting, but how could you be Abram and not walk away from this situation a bit ticked off?!  Basically, he stole the best from Abram who took him under his wing. Anyways, that’s the way I see it.

Do you have a time that you played the part of either Abram or maybe even Lot in your life?

How would you have handled this situation when your nephew clearly chose the best and you were left with the leftovers?  

Would that response have been helpful?

How do you play the part of Lot in your relationship with God?

How does this become a prayer for you today?

Day 3

Read Matthew 4:1-11

The test is the same in nearly every single story in the Bible- you have a character facing a dilemma and the problem is put in suspense as we watch them decide, “Do I reach out and take it for myself, or trust God to give me what He decides?”  Adam and Eve faced it…and failed.  Cain faced it…and failed.  Noah faced it…did great…but then failed.  Abram faces it…has an altar moment to celebrate…then goes to Egypt and tries to manipulate it.  Keep going.  You will eventually find yourself at this story.  But then it changed.  There was only one person that didn’t reach out and take it, but trusted God.  Jesus did what no other person could do, then offered the results to us as a gift.  

Why do you think each of these temptations would have been tempting to Jesus?

How have you been faced with a version of these?

Think of two or three more examples of people in the Bible that were faced with the decision to reach out and take it for themselves or trust that God would provide what they needed.

What do you feel God is teaching you at this moment through this idea?

Day 4

Read Genesis 14

I am still upset thinking about this whole Lot taking from Abram the best.  So let’s go back and bring the story home.  This is the typical story of chaos that unfolds and that we find ourselves in when we try to orchestrate our own “garden of Eden” or blessings rather than trust God.  It may sound like an angry old man’s “I told you so!” but it is not the end of the story.  This happens again, almost in the same way, with greater consequences.  The pattern is we take what we want rather than waiting, in faith, on God.  God’s ways are the best ways, our ways are not.  So then, we always find ourselves in some sort of chaos or trouble.  

How is that idea similar to the lessons our parents tried to teach us growing up?

How have you had to be bailed out of your own messes in life?

How have you played the part of Abram and bailed others out of the messes they get themselves into?

What is God teaching you through this story today?

Day 5

Read James 2:14-25

This journey through the idea of what faith is has been challenging.  Maybe we just don’t think about all the different ways that faith affects our lives?  This passage is a simple, easy way to put it.  So let’s spend some time reading it and thinking about it. 

How would you now describe what faith is to someone that you are sharing Jesus with?

How has your faith changed your life?

What would be different in your life if you did not have faith?

How do you see yourself growing in your faith this year?

Why not share some of these thoughts on the app with everyone?

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