The Mind of Jesus

Day 1

Read Romans 15:1-13

I hate how hidden motivations tend to get into my good motivations and corrupt them.  You see it in yourself also, I am sure of it.  If not, it only takes a humble spirit to look again and you will find it.  I did that great thing, but to be honest, the reason that I did it is because I got some small benefit from it.  It made me look good or feel good and therefore I did it.  It may not seem like a big deal, but Paul thought it worth enough to write about a few times.  We saw one time in Philippians 2:1-11 in the sermon and also he calls it out here.  The strong are supposed to be the ones that are elevated above the lowly and weak, right?  Paul’s way of explaining the gospel is different and it is a much more humbling picture as well.

Do you find verse 2 difficult to walk out and why is that?

Paul loves to give the example of Jesus' life.  How did Jesus show us that He was not doing things to please Himself?

In verse 5, Paul calls out for the endurance and encouragement that brings unity among people.  How does that happen and how do those two things help?

Paul ends this section asking for hope.  How does hope help in this topic that he is talking about?

How does this idea fit into your prayers today?

Day 2

Read Philippians 2:1-11

These are my life verses.  If you have been at Keystone any amount of time, I am certain you have heard me say that.  My goal is to figure out how to be a pastor, father, neighbor, or whatever else that I am doing, from this perspective.  The perspective of the mind of Christ.  I truly believe that if we just hung out here and tried to learn this perspective in life, first of all, we would have plenty to keep learning, second of all, I really believe we could solve so many issues in life.  Take your time and think about what you are reading today.  Be real and honest.  Ask yourself the hard questions.

Where do you see “selfish ambition and conceit” in your life…maybe even as early as this week?

What does it mean to count others more significant than yourself?  Isn’t that not a good way to live and can’t it be dangerous?

Go through each of the roles in your life (grandparent, parent, child, employee, husband, wife, etc).  How does the mind of Christ change the way that you live in each of them?

Why not take some time to share some specifics from the above question on the app in the “5 Day Study Group?”

Day 3

Read Matthew 27:27-56
Our passage in Philippians from Sunday told us that Jesus' death and burial were the ultimate examples of his servanthood to us.  When we ask “how much should we give?” Jesus' response was everything that He had.  When we ask, “How far should we go?’ Jesus' response was to go until death.  This is the most humbling and uneasy to grasp part of the gospel.  When we are reminded of his death and the cause of that death was our sins, this reality changes our view of so many things around us.  This story and idea is not just something that we believe and that is it, but the light that we get from this story dramatically changes the way we see and live in everything around us.

Why was it necessary to include all of the details of Jesus suffering in this story?

What do you think it would have been like to see Jesus on the cross that day?

What thoughts would have gone through your mind?

How does this become part of your prayer today?

Day 4

Read Luke 23:18-49

I often feel guilty comparing my suffering to Jesus.  Or not comparing, but even using the story in the context of that idea.  I don’t suffer.  In fact I spend a lot of my time very much doing the opposite of suffering. In the meantime, I follow the Suffering Servant that called me to “take up my cross and follow” him.  There were some monks of times past that would inflict pain and suffering on themselves in hopes of fulfilling the idea they seemed to glean from Jesus’ suffering, that it is the actual practice of suffering that we are to live in.  So if they sinned, they would abuse their bodies in some way as a reminder of Jesus' suffering. Isaiah 53 seems to connect this idea of suffering and pain to forgiveness of sins, but surely these guys were going too far?

In your opinion, if Jesus is just assassinated or murdered, does this story carry the same weight or significance for you?

Why do you think it made gospel sense that Jesus went through a trial and was “convicted” of a crime that he was innocent of before His death?

What are the parallels to a legal trial and Jesus declared guilt and how we are judged for our sins?

If justice is the idea of wrongs being paid for, how is justice lived out in Jesus forgiving us of our sins through His death?

How can this be a part of your prayer today?

Day 5

Read Philippians 2:1-11

I know you have already read it and heard it many times.  It helps me so much to return to it many times.  Paul is writing this letter from prison and it is not written for the purpose of rebuking or correcting anything.  When he rounds into chapter 2, he is on the subject of unity in the body of Christ.  The thing that stands out to me and stings me the closest to home, is that his generalized warning, the one thing he wanted everyone to know that destroys unity and everyone needs to watch out for, is selfish ambition and conceit.  The word for selfish ambition here means the idea of doing something because it gets you attention or notice.  Then the word translated conceit in the ESV just means something like vainglory.  Maybe they are basically the same thing, because it gets difficult trying to pull them apart and make a case for each one.  At the heart of it, is the heart.  The Bible makes the case constantly that the problem is me.  As much as I want to blame everything and everyone around me, the reality is the best answer on how to fix, or just begin fixing everything around me is to start dealing with me. 

In total openness and transparency, with yourself, find the selfish ambition and conceit in your heart this week.

How can you consider others more significant than yourself today?

What area of your life is this mindset needed the most: work, home, with friends, family, etc?

How does this become your prayer this week?

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