Faith That Is Steps...Again

Day 1

Read Hebrews 11:17-40

Go through the list of stories here and consider, from the subject's perspective, everything that was “given up” in each of these examples of faith.

What has your faith “cost” you in your life, specifically?

How do you think your life would be different if you did not believe and follow God?

Share some of those thoughts on the app with others reading the devotions.

Day 2

 Read Genesis 22:1-19

What a weird story.  I don’t shy away from saying, repeatedly, that this story has so many strange and almost problematic ideas in it.  But it is a story that is used to tell about faith.  In fact, Hebrews 11 mentions it in that vein.  

What, if any  parts of this story bother you and why?

All of the Hebrews 11 stories are connected to the Jesus story.  You have to do work to get to those ideas, but it is worth the effort.  Isaac is Abraham’s only (true blooded) son.  Isaac is offered as a sacrifice that God sends a substitute in his place.  Hebrews describes the situation as Abraham basically received his son back from the dead…even though he did not die in the story.  So take the time to do the work, with those hints and tell the story of Jesus using this story as an example.

Day 3

 Read Judges 6:11-40

I like the story of Gideon, because it is so close to my reality.  He is the hero that doesn’t play well as a hero.  He is the example of faith that is also the example of reluctant faith.  Those juxtaposed realities sit right beside each other in this example.  

How do you reconcile that Gideon is an example of faith, but he really seems to be questioning that faith in this chapter?

How have you experienced a faith like this in your life?

What did you do and how did God seem to respond to you?

What can you turn into a prayer after thinking about these things?

Day 4

Read Exodus 12:1-28

What a weird story.  I seem to be repeating that a lot as we study the subject of faith.  As we read these stories like this, where the people are told to put blood on their doors so the Death angel passes over them, remember that the goal is not to learn faith as the type of action that makes us put blood on our doors, but something deeper.  I challenge you to spend time thinking about the deeper meanings in these stories.  This is one of the stories used to define faith.

How would you describe the point of faith as it is symbolized in this story to someone that has never read the Bible?

Notice the generational act of replaying this story to children so that they ask questions that lead to discussions about faith.  How can we do this in the role that you have with kids or others this week?

Why not take some time to share what you are thinking with these verses on the app for others to benefit from?

Day 5

Read Exodus 12:29-50

When Jacob wrestled with God, he later set up a type of altar for remembrance.  When Israel crossed the Red Sea, they set up stones as a reminder.  Faith actions seem to have some root in these ceremonies and feasts that create a pattern of reminding everyone throughout time.  It is not to say that faith is defined by ceremonies, but there seems to be a connection that rests more in the minds of the person than a reminder for God.  

What great days of faith changes or decisions do you mark in your life?

How do you remind yourself of your faith in moments that the memories seem to be faint or distant?

Why not take time to remember some times and important moments in your walk with God today in a quiet moment?

How can you make this a prayer for today?

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