Whose Word I Praise.

Day 1

Read 1 Samuel 20

Why do you think David went back to the palace at this point?

How would you explain what is going on with Saul and all of the changes he has toward David and then the experience with Samuel the chapter before, to someone that is not familiar with the Bible? 

What do you think kept Saul from changing his ways?

How do you see this danger around you right now, either in your life or in someone near to you?

How do you turn this into a prayer for today?

Day 2

Read 1 Samuel 21

Why do you think that David approached this situation with such secrecy?

Do you think that Ahimelech caught on to what was going on or that he was clueless?  Why do you think that?

Read Matthew 12:1-4

What do you think Jesus was trying to teach by referencing this situation?

Day 3

Read Psalm 34

The title of this Psalm tells us it was written right after the events of 1 Samuel 21.  This seems strange because the Psalm refers to the king as Abimelech but the Psalm refers to him as Achish.  Abimelech was not a name, but rather his title or another name for him.  

When you read the Psalm, consider it in light of that.  It’s a strange reaction to a weird situation. 

What stands out to you in this Psalm?

What part do you see as a strange reaction to the situation it was written out of?

How can you turn this Psalm into a prayer?

Share some thoughts about this Psalm on the app in the messaging thread about these devotions.

Day 4

Read 1 Samuel 22

This surely is the lowest point of Saul’s life.  If you remember, this is prophecy fulfilled as the people of Israel were asking for a king like the other nations had, Samuel told them this would happen.  Their leader, their king, on this day authorized the slaughter of 85 priests.

Also in this, a new bad guy rises in the ranks with Saul to replace David’s spot.  Doeg will show up many other times in these stories.  

Why do you think Doeg did this? 

How have you seen the chance for authority and power corrupt those around you?

Can you think of a time that you were enticed by the chance to have authority or power that would not have been good?

Notice in this story another character that will show up a few times, Abiathar.  He stays with David for a long time.  He actually turns against David when another uprising happens many years later as David’s sons fight for the throne at David’s death.  

What lesson do you feel that God is showing you in this chapter that would be helpful in your life?

How can you turn this into a prayer today?

Day 5

Read Psalm 56

Fear that causes a lack of trust and a breakdown in how we act comes in many different varieties.  It could be the fear of man where we fear others opinions about us, a fear of not making ends meet, or any other kind of fear.

How has fear shown up in your life this week?

How do you turn that fear into trusting God instead?  What does that actually look like this week?

What are the promises that you made to God that, even though it doesn’t make sense, you need to live them out?

Share a little about what God has shown you on the app with the others in the messages.  Don’t feel obligated to share anything private, as it is a public forum.  

How can you pray about these thoughts today?

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